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America First
Show Your Company
Buys American,
Hires American
With An
'AMERICA FIRST' Certification
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Over 70% Of Americans Prefer A Buy American, Hire American Policy. Is Your Business Giving Customers What They Want?

You may be buying, hiring, and sourcing American already, but how do your customers know? The answer is with an 'America First' certification.

An 'America First' certification lets your customers, suppliers, and the public know that your organization's products are made - and sourced - in America, and that the jobs, taxes, and wages paid to your employees help grow the local, regional, and national economies.

From extensive polling, we know that 70% of Americans prefer a Buy American, Hire American policy, so this is not a political issue, but an opportunity for American businesses to differentiate themselves.

But while some business may already buy American and hire American, the challenge for businesses is: "How do customers, prospects, suppliers - and for certain industries, their state and federal government - know that your company does buy and hire American?"

The solution is with an 'America First' certification. For as little as $395, qualified organizations receive an 'American First' seal for their website and marketing materials, and they also can put 'American First' stickers on their products and packaging.

Bottom line, with an 'America First' certification, businesses get to:

  • Sell what your customers are telling you they want to buy
  • Differentiate your business from your competition
  • Generate more sales
  • Show your patriotism
  • Help our vets, as 10% of proceeds go to veteran's organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project

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